Before activating your application iboplayer  please test it for 7 days.

We are not responsible for the content of this application, we only activate it

IMPORTANT: before purchasing an activation for the app, rememeber that ibo player APP is a media player and it doesn’t include playlists and we don’t sell playlists. If you don’t have playlists, please don’t purchase the activation of the app.

ibo player APP is not responsible for the quality of content or contents sent to the player.

Warning: This is a multimedia player. No content is included in the app. It will be activated in minutes

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ibo player APP Is a complète media Player for smart TV and Android tablets that allows you to open most of the video and sound formats that exist Playing media files on a smarttv is usual. The video quality that they are able to offer these devices, like tablets, has improved enormously and they have become a popular option for watching movies and videos, especially when there is no player. available. There are hundreds of media players and you surely know software like VLC, Kodi or SMPlayer. Now you can add ibo player APPPLAYER to the list of alternatives. A multifunction reader compatible with most formats The main advantage of this multimedia player for Android, SMART TV is the compatibility with most of the known video and audio formats: MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, AC3, WMA, OGG, AAC… The other option of ibo player APP PLAYER that can battle against the rest of the media playback apps is its design. The interface and operation make this application very customizable software and adaptable to the tastes of users who can configure several of the reading and viewing options to their tastes.


Terms of use The Application

Please read the conditions of use of this Application

Terms of use The Application

Please read the conditions of use of this Application

The ibo player APP MediaPlayer app has a free 7-days trial period once installed on your smart TV to test the features of the app. The Device ID and Device Key and the URL are essential for the proper functioning of the application.

ibo player APP MediaPlayer does not provide any content or subscription.

The content and subscriptions provided under the ibo player APP MediaPlayer app name are fraud  ibo player APP MediaPlayer declines all responsibility for any use of fraudulent content.

The ibo player APP MediaPlayer application or to which it is entitled cannot be held responsible for the quality or interruptions of the content used on ibo player APP MediaPlayer,

ibo player MediaPlayer provides only a media player.
ibo player MediaPlayer app does not provide any advertising for content providers.SupportedIBO PLAYER This is a multimedia Player No content is included in the application.




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